Cross Connection Control Assembly Registration and Test Reporting - Department of Safety and Professional Services, Industry Services Division
Caution: Do not use your browser's back/forward buttons or arrow buttons when registering assemblies or reporting tests. Your information will not be saved and you will need to start the process over. Use the buttons on each page to proceed or make changes.
To report a test for a previously registered/reviewed cross connection assembly, please enter the Regulated Object Identification Number OR the Serial Number on the assembly. Then click "Search."

A Regulated Object Identification Number would have been assigned from a previous registration or plan review. The ID number should be on the assembly's tag.

To complete a new registration, or a new registration with a successful test report, click "New Registration" button below.

Do not attempt to register a cross connection control assembly that needs plan review because it is in a health care and related facility.

If you register an assembly that serves a health care and related facility, your fees will not be refunded. Definition of health care and related facility.
Enter a Regulated Object ID
OR Enter a Serial No.